Steward leadership is the genuine desire and persistence to create a collective better future. In business, this means pursuing a stewardship purpose which aims to create win-win-win prosperity wherein employees, shareholders and society-at-large all thrive together.

Steward Leadership 25 (SL25) is an annual listing of projects from 25 for-profit organisations that have shown steward leadership excellence within the Asia-Pacific region. 

The SL25 list showcases projects from for-profit organisations that have demonstrated resolute action to drive profitable growth by addressing the very challenges that threaten humanity. Projects that are included in SL25 are part of the organisation’s core strategy and purpose and strive to have a significant positive effect on stakeholders, society, future generations, or the environment.

Some industry lists or awards recognise companies for effective stewardship based on quantitative measures such as compliance, reporting and disclosure. However, excellence in steward leadership requires going beyond regulation and reporting. SL25 takes a qualitative approach to recognise proactive and genuine leadership intent.

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Why Steward Leadership 25?

SL25 was created to raise awareness about the existential challenges facing Planet Earth and humanity, and the need for responsible environmental and societal stewardship by the business community. The SL25 list highlights practical examples of driving superior long-term returns by addressing the world's increasingly evolving challenges, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. SL25 shines a spotlight on Asia-Pacific’s capabilities in driving sustainability and steward leadership amidst global efforts.

The 25 projects that have excelled in steward leadership will be revealed during the Steward Leadership Summit at Shangri-La Singapore on 21st November 2023 and could be published on the SL25 partners' news and corporate platforms. By highlighting these projects, SL25 aims to recognise, encourage and celebrate steward leadership excellence and inspire more organisations to pursue a stewardship purpose.

Application Guidelines

Applications must showcase 1 project that demonstrates steward leadership excellence to create a collective better future, in line with your organisational purpose. A project is defined as a distinct business endeavour that generates positive environmental and/or social impact AND contributes to the organisation's sustainable growth ("Target Outcome"). For example, your organisational purpose could be on enhancing societal wellbeing and/or addressing environmental concerns. You will then have to explain how the project contributed to your organisation's journey to achieving its stated purpose.

This project should have achieved the Target Outcome within the qualifying period (15 February 2021 - 15 February 2023). Please ensure that your application is succinct and clear. Do provide supporting evidence in your application form.

Application Categories

SL25 covers the Asia-Pacific region and only accepts applications from the following categories:

  • Large Companies
    Market capital/Valuation/AUM of USD 100 million or above.
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
    Market capital/Valuation/AUM of below USD 100 million.
  • Social Enterprises
    For-profit business entities set up with clear social goals where there is well-defined management intent and resources allocated to fulfil social gaps and needs. Social outcomes should be integrated into the business’ bottom line.

The best 25 steward leadership projects will be chosen from among these three categories and there will be representation from each category.


Eligibility Requirements

Eligible for SL25 Not eligible for SL25* 
  • Projects by for-profit organisations
  • Projects that achieved the Target Outcome within the qualifying period (15 February 2021 - 15 February 2023)
  • Projects by past SL25 Honourees that meet either of the following conditions:
    • It is a new project by the organisation.
    • The previously submitted project has demonstrated significant new progress.
  • Projects by not-for-profit organisations, charities, or foundations
  • Projects that have previously made the SL25 list and have not demonstrated progression or expansion
  • Applications describing a policy or multiple initiatives and/or projects

*If your project is not eligible for SL25, please share your story of steward leadership excellence on SAC’s  Stewardship Commons, a content and community platform dedicated to spreading the awareness and practice of steward leadership.


How to Apply?

Applications will be open from 15 February 2023 to 31 May 2023. Click here to apply now.

The 25 projects that showed steward leadership excellence will be officially revealed during the Steward Leadership Summit at Shangri-La Singapore on 21st November 2023.

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SAC Compass

Stewardship is brought to life through Steward Leadership, which is the genuine desire and persistence to create a collective better future. It involves activating the Steward Leadership Compass 

The SL25 projects are manifestations of different forms of stewardship, and the organisations' values and purpose serve as their compass in directing strategies and execution. 

Projects will be evaluated based on four main criteria:

  1. Purpose and Values

    The judges consider whether the project has a clear purpose that seeks to create profitable growth while benefitting its stakeholders, society, future generations and the environment. Judges also consider the extent to which the project aligns with and contributes to the organisation's overarching purpose.

  2. Strategy and Planning

    The judges consider how the project is integrated into the organisation’s overall business/growth strategy as well as the scale of the project in relation to the size of the organisation.

  3. Tangible Impact

    The judges consider how the project positively impacts the economy, environment, society, and/or other relevant impact areas.

  4. Sustainable Value Creation

    The judges consider the innovative nature of the project relative to that of others in its industry, and the project’s pursuit or achievement of long-term sustainable impact.

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