Stewardship Asia Centre Officially Launches Crowdsourced Digital Hub to Facilitate Dialogue and Innovation for Planet and People is a free platform for everyone to discover and contribute insights on ESG, sustainability, responsible investing, steward leadership and more.

Press Release

02 November 2023

Singapore, Nov 2, 2023 – Stewardship Asia Centre (SAC) officially introduces Stewardship Commons (, a global content and community platform to accelerate environmental and social sustainability solutions.

This free multi-media platform allows individuals and organisations to contribute and consume perspectives, insights and case studies on sustainability, climate change, inequality, cyber vulnerability, responsible investing, governance, etc ─ issues in this century that require urgent solutions.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to step up as steward leaders to safeguard our global commons, the natural resources accessible by humanity. Stewardship Commons harnesses expertise and catalyses discussions to spur global awareness, cross-boundary collaboration and solutions for planet Earth and humanity,” said Rajeev Peshawaria, SAC’s CEO. “SAC’s goal was to build a one-stop shop that is unbiased, diverse and neutral for everything related to sustainability and stewardship.”

The development of Stewardship Commons kickstarted in mid-2022. Prior to launch, SAC invited passionate thought leaders and advocates of change to contribute their ideas. Its verified contributors include chief executive officers, chief sustainability officers, founders, researchers, professors and student leaders worldwide.

The platform went live earlier this year and has seen double-digit user sign-ups daily. The team is continually developing new features to engage its vibrant community.

“To build a successful ecosystem, we must collectively push the boundaries of stakeholder engagement. Engaging the ecosystem by sharing experiences and knowledge is one key way we can do this. Stewardship Commons is a platform that has successfully connected sustainability professionals and individuals across various disciplines who are passionate about ESG and has helped to expand collaboration and community outreach in Singapore and beyond,” said Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer at Singapore real estate firm City Developments Limited. She was one of the earliest contributors to the site. 

Governments and businesses around the world are developing new sustainability and stewardship strategies, but often in siloes. Stewardship Commons seeks to democratise information and empower a global community of changemakers. 

“Business has an important role to play in creating a sustainable society. In addition to good intentions, this role must be based on the best available evidence on what will help and hinder. Academic insights are essential but must be translated into practical insights that inform real business and policy actions. Stewardship Commons supports the connection of academic research, public policy and corporate action to enable responsible business practices,” said Dr Tom Gosling, Executive Fellow with London Business School and the European Corporate Governance Institute, who shared his podcasts on the site.

Professor Naoko Ishii, the Director of the Center for Global Commons at the University of Tokyo, is a firm advocate for a stable and resilient earth system. “Countries’ impact on the global commons should not be calculated in silos. It is in the interest of all to steward the global commons. Developed countries, as well as large-scale economies such as the G20, have an even greater responsibility to do so. As its name suggests, Stewardship Commons bring together collective ideas and action towards protecting our natural resources,” she said. In mid-2020, the Center released the Global Commons Stewardship Framework, which identifies four vital economic systems to be transformed and four action levers to bring about change. This framework is posted here on the Stewardship Commons platform.

Genuine intent and persistence are vital to ensure actions bring about positive outcomes. Jaime Alfonso Zobel de Ayala, an eighth-generation family member of the Ayala Corporation and the chief executive officer of its automobile arm, AC Motors, stressed the importance of commitment.  

“Ayala’s stewardship purpose has been articulated in different ways throughout the company’s history, which goes back to as early as 1834. But the binding thread among them is the commitment to deploy resources to solve challenges in the national economy. SAC’s Stewardship Commons platform permits the sharing of ideas that could lead to real solutions, and Ayala stands ready to contribute when an opportunity arises,” he said. 

Stewardship Commons welcomes co-investors and sponsors to join SAC in growing to become a global leader in knowledge sharing and innovation.  For more information, please email the following media contacts:

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About Stewardship Asia Centre (SAC)
SAC is a non-profit organisation established by Temasek Holdings, dedicated to helping business and government leaders, investors, and individuals activate stewardship practices through research, executive education and engagement. We define stewardship as creating value by integrating the needs of stakeholders, society, future generations and the environment.