A values-based framework to building a better world profitably and sustainably

Businesses are increasingly expected to deliver superior shareholder returns and addressed environmental and social sustainability concerns simultaneously. But is it possible to drive superior shareholder return by doing good?

Our study of global organisations that are doing well by doing good showed that champions of the environment and society see themselves as stewards of planet Earth and humanity. They proactively choose to create sustainability-first strategies that align profit with purpose. These champions are steward leaders.


Steward leadership enables a win-win-win future for stakeholders, society, and the environment.

Our executive education offerings equip business leaders and board directors with values-based skills and frameworks to pursue a worthy purpose without compromising profit and growth.


  1.  We provide a values-based framework to allow you to align profit with purpose because achieving sustainability objectives requires more than rules, regulations, reporting and incentives.
  2. We integrate experiential learning in our educational programmes, using real-life stories of steward leadership in action from our ever-growing case repository.
  3. We do not just share the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of steward leadership. We equip you with research-based tools, frameworks and best practices.
  4. We believe in leaders-enabling-leaders. Learn from the best of the best thought leaders and practitioners, not just from academic faculty.



Our customised solutions are designed to fit each organisation’s unique growth needs. Based on the Steward Leadership Compass©, participants will take away a values-based framework that empowers leaders to put steward leadership in action across all functions and levels of the organisation. 

Our content is designed and delivered based on the following themes and areas of applications:


Personal Steward Leadership

  • Mature from boss to leader to steward leader
  • Discover your unique source of long-lasting leadership energy
  • Reconcile your personal values with your organisational role
  • Activate your Personal Steward Leadership Compass©


Organisational Steward Leadership

  • Understand how organisations can navigate the 21st-century business leadership and governance challenges to do well by doing good
  • Articulate your organisation’s stewardship purpose to build a culture for sustainable value creation
  • Operationalise your Organisational Steward Leadership Compass©


Applications of Steward Leadership

Our Learning Approach

We adopt the following five-step approach to engage leaders as they embark on the steward leadership learning journey:

 Learning Benefits

1) How stewardship values serve as guiding principles for consistent ethical behavior and decision-making across all levels of the organisation

2) How stewardship values contribute to staff engagement and talent retention

3) How stewardship values build trust, translating to stronger brand reputation and sustainable growth

4) How stewardship values foster an environment that encourages innovation and adaptability. 



Programme Options

Our aspiration is to help create a common steward leadership language in partner organisations. A language that transcends leader levels and geographies. Our programmes, therefore, target multiple leader levels, and we offer flexible delivery modes—in-person, online and hybrid.

Example of programmes designed to address the challenges faced and skills needed to succeed at each level of the organisation:

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